Quicken 2009

Recording Banking Transactions

To record all banking transactions related to overall income, spending, and savings, you need to add more than one cash flow account.

Adding a cash flow account

To add a cash flow account:

1. On the Cash Flow menu, go to Cash Flow Accounts and click Add Account. The Quicken Account Setup dialog box is displayed.

2. Choose the type of banking account to create based on your requirement:

· Chequing: This account is used to pay bills or make withdrawals. This is the most commonly used Quicken account.

· Savings: This account is used to save money such as standard savings accounts at your bank or a credit union.

· Credit Card: This account is used to track credit card spending.

· Cash: This account is used to track all the cash, including the cash you carry with you.

3. Click Next. In the What is the financial institution for this account? screen, select the institution from the drop-down list, at which the account is held. If the account is not held at a financial institution, select the relevant option.

4. Click Next. In the Tell us about his chequing account screen, enter a name for the chequing account.

5. Click Next. In the Choose the currency of this account screen, select the currency for the account from the drop-down list.

6. Click Next. In the Enter the ending date and balance from your statement, if you have it screen, enter the ending date and ending balance on the statement in the specified fields.

7. Click Done. Quicken displays the register for the account so that you can enter your transactions. You can see the account displayed in the Activity Center of the Cash Flow tab area.

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