Quicken 2009

Customizing the Tool Bar

You can customize the tool bar according to your preferences – which icons to be displayed on the tool bar, which icons to appear first, to show only the icons or icons with text etc.

To customize the tool bar:

1. On the Edit menu, click Customize Toolbar. The Customise Toolbar dialog box is displayed.

2. To add an icon to the tool bar, select it from the Add to toolbar column and click the Add button. The icon is listed in the Current toolbar order column.

3. To remove an icon, select the icon from the list and click the Remove button.

4. To change the order of an icon, select the icon in the Current toolbar order column, and click Move Up or Move Down.

5. To show only the icons on the tool bar, select the Icons only option. To show text also, select the Icons and text option.

6. To edit icons, click the Edit Icons button.

7. In the Label field, edit the name if you want to.

8. Enter the shortcut key in the specified field and click OK.

9. To restore the default settings for the tool bar, click the Restore Defaults button. Click OK in the confirmation box. All the customized settings will be lost.

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