Quicken 2009

Backing up your Quicken data file

Quicken saves your data file each time you enter a new transaction. However, it is advisable to back up your data file regularly so that you can have a safe copy in case of your computer break down.

To back up your Quicken file:

1. On the File menu, click Backup. The Quicken Backup dialog box is displayed.

2. If you want to back up the file online, select the Online Backup option.

3. If you want to back up the file in the local drive, select the Local Backup option. Click the Browse button to navigate to the location where you want to back up the file. If you want to create a new folder, click the Make New Folder button.

4. Click OK. The backup file location is displayed in the specified field.

5. To set up back up preferences, click the Preferences button. The Quicken Preferences dialog box is displayed.

6. Set up the following backup preferences according to your requirements:

· Remind after running Quicken (0-99) times: Quicken sends a pop up message reminding you to back up your data file after running Quicken the number of times you indicate. The default number of times is 3. If you do not want to be reminded at all, enter ‘0’ in the field.

· Maximum Number of backup copies: Quicken does not create and store any additional file after creating and storing the specified number of copies. Instead, Quicken overwrites the oldest existing backup file. The default maximum number of backup copies is 5.

· Warn before overwriting old files: If you select the check box, Quicken sends a pop up message warning that an old back up copy will be overwritten.

· Select the disk drive and path to the back up folder: Specify a default location, in the specified field, where you prefer your back up files to be stored. The default location is C:\.

· Add the date to the file name: If you select the check box, Quicken helps you to identify which file is the latest backup.

· Click OK.

7. Click OK. A message box is displayed indicating that the data file is backed up successfully.

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