Quicken 2009

Activity Center

The Activity Center is the main area of the interface. By changing the tabs below the Tool bar, you can view different tab areas in the activity center. The default view, however, is the Home page.

To create a new view, click the Create New View button. In the Customize View dialog box, give a name to the view. customize the view, and click OK. A new view is created. To edit or remove the view, select the option from the Customize drop-down button.

Accounts Pane

The Accounts pane is displayed to the left side of the Activity Center. You can minimize and maximize the accounts pane.

The created account details are displayed in the accounts pane. Click the account in the accounts pane to open it in the activity center.

To view accounts and manage accounts, click the Customize button. To add a new account, click the Add Account button.

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