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Saving Files

You should always save your working image in Paint Shop Pro’s native file format (.pspimage), since saving in another format will likely result in the loss of your layers and other features you used to create the image—and will need in order to edit it. When you’re ready to save a final file (for publication to the Web, for example), make a copy of the file with the appropriate extension (for example, .GIF) using the Save As command.

To save a file:

1. From the File menu, select Save, or click the Save button on the Paint Shop Pro Standard toolbar.

The first time you save an image, the Save As dialog opens. Once you’ve saved a file, using the Save command will overwrite the existing file with the changes you’ve made. To save a copy of an existing file, open the File menu and select Save As. This also opens the Save As dialog.

2. Navigate to the location where you want to save the file.

3. Enter a name for the file into the File name field.

4. To save the image as a Paint Shop Pro file, select Paint Shop Pro Image from the Save as type drop-down menu. Note that you can select from a large number of file formats, including GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

5. Click Save.

Free Paint Shop Pro Training Course: Section 1 Review

In this section, you learned about:

  • What is PaintShop Pro?
  • The Paint Shop Pro Interface
  • The image window
  • Using the tools and palettes
  • Common tools in PSP
  • Creating new files
  • Opening Paint Shop Pro files
  • Opening graphic files
  • Importing graphics
  • Printing images
  • Optimizing images for the web
  • Saving files

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