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Printing Images

In Paint Shop Pro, you can print a single image or multiple images on any of a number of templates designed for special purposes. You can also use the Print Layout window to arrange a single or multiple images on a page any way you like.

Printing a Single Image

To print a single image:

  1. From the File menu, select Print, or click the Print button on the Paint Shop Pro Standard toolbar.

The Print dialog box opens.

  1. On the Placement tab, enter the number of copies and select the page orientation. Under Size and position, you can scale the image, as well as select how you want the image positioned on the page.
  2. For output options, select the Options tab:

Here, you can choose to print the image in color, greyscale, or CMYK separations. To print a negative of the image, select the Negative checkbox. To print a color background behind the image, select the Background checkbox, and then click on the color box to select a color.

To print crop marks, select the checkboxes for the options you want to use under Print marks.

  1. Paint Shop Pro includes over 100 built-in templates that you can use for printing images on labels, inserts, and note cards, among other media. To print the image using a template, select the Template tab. There, select the Print to template checkbox.
    1. If the Templates dialog doesn’t open automatically, click the Select template button. The Templates dialog opens, where you can select the template you want to use:

    1. Select a template category from the list box and scroll through the available templates. To select a template, click on it and then click OK.

The image now appears fit to the template in the preview at the right side of the Print dialog:

    1. Select any available options, such as how to place the image within the template.
  1. Click the Print button to print the image.

Printing Multiple Images

You can use the Image Browser to print multiple images from a folder. The images can be printed as thumbnails, or using a template to print, for example, wallet-sized photos or labels.

When you use the Image Browser to print images, Paint Shop Pro includes the folder name and a page number on each printed page.

To print from the Image Browser:

  1. From the File menu, select Browse.

The Image Browser opens, displaying thumbnails of the images contained in the selected folder:

  1. In the left pane, click on the folder that contains the images you want to print.
  2. For each image you want to print, hold down the Ctrl key and select the image.
  3. Once you’ve selected all your images, open the Paint Shop Pro File menu and select Print. This opens the Browser Print dialog:

  1. Select a page orientation.
  2. To print thumbnails (which are printed at a lower resolution), select the Use thumbnails checkbox.
  3. To include the images’ file names, select the Image names checkbox.
  4. Under Template, you can select from two options: Use selected template or Use contact sheet. Select the first option to choose from Paint Shop Pro’s built-in templates, which include labels, wallet-size arrangements, and CD inserts, among others. Select the second option to use a contact sheet with a custom number of rows and columns.
  5. Select a print range. If you’ve selected certain images within a folder, use the Selection option. Otherwise, select All to print all the images in the folder, or Pages to print specified pages, which are determined by the layout of the images.
  6. Enter the number of copies you want to print.
  7. Click the Print button.

The Print Layout window gives you the most flexibility for arranging a single or multiple images on a page. Once you design a layout, you can save it as a template that you can reuse.

To use the Print Layout window:

  1. Open all the images you want to print, or select their thumbnails from the Image Browser.
  2. From the File menu, select Print Layout. This opens the Print Layout window:

The open or selected images are displayed in the left pane of the window. The layout workspace occupies the right pane.


You can add images at any time by clicking the Open an Image button on the Print Layout window toolbar.

  1. To change settings for the workspace, such as showing or hiding the grid or defining the units of measurement, select Options from the Print Layout window’s View menu. This opens the Print Layout Options dialog:

Make the changes you need to create a workable workspace and click OK.


You can toggle the snap to grid settings by selecting Snap to grid from the View menu.

  1. In the Print Layout window, drag the
    images onto the workspace.
  2. To move an image to the position you want on the page, simply click and drag it. To resize the image, click and drag one of its corner handles. To rotate or precisely position an image, use the buttons on the Print Layout window’s toolbar. Move your mouse over a button to see a popup describing its function.

With images on the page, you can also have Paint Shop Pro automatically arrange them by clicking the Auto Arrange button.

  1. To define print options, select Print Setup from the Print Layout window’s File menu. This opens the Print Setup dialog:

Select the print options you want to use and click Close.

  1. To print the images, select Print from the Print Layout window’s File menu. The images are immediately sent to the printer.

To save your layout as a template, select Save template from the Print Layout window’s File menu.

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