How to Write an Eye-Catching Resume

Write an Eye-Catching Resume – Whatever You Do Don’t


  • Have a trusted friend (or two or three) proofread.
  • Use active verbs to describe your experience and skills.
  • List items from most important to least.
  • Be concise. Eliminate things that are not relevant.
  • Laser print on plain white paper.
  • Try, whenever possible, to tailor to a job description


  • Sell yourself short.
  • Bother stating “references available upon request.” That is assumed. Have a separate sheet available with that information to give if it is requested.
  • Use underlining, bolding, italics excessively.

Write an Eye-Catching Resume – Final Checklist


  • Name is at top and highlighted by bolding or larger size type; address and phone number information are correct and complete.
  • Each entry demonstrates a skill or accomplishment. These are consistent with the job requirements.
  • Descriptions use active verbs and verb tense is consistent (can use past tense for everything to avoid confusion, even present job.)
  • Repetition is minimal.
  • There are no spelling mistakes or typos.
  • Has been proofread by yourself and at least one other person.


  • Hold the paper at arm’s length. Is the page too busy? Is there too much “white space” anywhere? Are there areas that are too crowded? Is information easy to find?
  • Best assets are listed first.
  • Dates of employment are easy to find and the format is consistent.


  • It looks like a published document and is visually pleasing.
  • It can be easily scanned. ยท There is no blurring, marks, or faint letters.
  • Fonts are conservative; bolding, underlining and other effects are kept at a minimum.

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