Free Microsoft Windows Vista Tutorial

Section 1: Windows Vista Essentials

With Windows Vista comes a classy new look, a multitude of new tools, and an interface similar enough to previous Windows operating systems to make it fairly simple to get accustomed to using. Windows Vista also offers a horde of new security features, a new Graphical User Interface (GUI) look and feel, and many support tools to aid professionals in their day to day tasks.

The graphical changes within the upscale version of the operating system make the system seem far advanced from its predecessor. The addition of window animations, glass translucent windows, 3D flipping between windows, live thumbnails of each window on the desktop and much more make Windows Vista pop with style.

At first glance, we recognize the graphical change in Windows Vista, but there is more to be found once we start exploring. We may notice the Start menu’s new non-expanding program guide or the new security measures like the User Account Control window warning of possible changes that can harm or change the system settings.

Others may notice the Parental controls that give much needed support for parents trying to keep up with their children’s amount of time spent online, with games, or doing their homework. Windows Vista also introduces users to Gadgets, simple add-ons to what Windows calls the Sidebar of the Desktop. These gadgets can offer information regarding everything from weather to stock performance.

Windows Vista Editions

Windows Vista UltimateUltimate – The Ultimate package offers the AERO graphical interface, improved security features, more options for networking, advancements for games and mobility, exclusive download applications, and the new Media Center features.

Windows Vista Home PremiumHome Premium – The Home Premium package is the selection for most home and mobile users of the operating system, offering advancements in security, networking, and productivity.

Windows Vista Home BasicHome Basic – the Home Basic package is for those who only need to browse the internet or check emails. The trimmed down version makes it easy to set up and maintain a basic machine. This version does not come with the AERO GUI. This version should only be used for those performing basic system tasks.

Windows Vista BusinessBusiness – the Business package is designed to meet the needs of small businesses. The features of this package include advancements in networking, allowing more flexibility for office professionals wishing to use the VPN services, to map network drives, or to monitor employee’s computer usage.

Windows Vista EnterpriseEnterprise – the Enterprise edition offers multiple licenses for large companies. This version has all the features of business and adds features large organizations are expected to like. If a company has many computers to upgrade, then this version is the best solution.


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