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Learn Quickbooks

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Learn Quickbooks in this free tutorial from Learnthat.com. Quickbooks is the leading small to medium size business accounting software package. Quickbooks is a very powerful accounting software solution and can work in a variety of industries and business situations.

Full Quickbooks Tutorial Description:

Quickbooks is the leading accounting software package for a reason: powerful features, great user interface, good support, and a standardized platform. Learnthat.com explores how to use Quickbooks in our free Quickbooks tutorials. Learn how to use some of the great features in Quickbooks, including:

  • Complete tasks like paying employees, invoicing, bill tracking and check-writing
  • Track sales and expenses, and easily share this data in Word and Excel
  • Stay on top of your business by seeing who owes you money or which bills are coming due
  • Quickly create your own professional-looking custom forms
  • Over 100 included templates for reporting

Track sales & expenses
Get rid of the piles of paperwork. Easily enter customer payments & bills from vendors. Since QuickBooks organizes everything in one place, you’ll be able to access all past payments & bills for each customer and vendor with just a few clicks. Quickly and easily get your accounting tasks complete – so you can get back to business!

Pay bills & print checks
Easily create and print checks. Aggregate all your checks to be paid and print them in one batch. QuickBooks will keep track of each check so you can keep tabs on where your money is going.

Create & e-mail invoices
Use the data you already have in QuickBooks–such as customer contact info & products/services–to make creating invoiced a snap. Choose from pre-designed QuickBooks templates or customize the layout yourself.

Organize data on customers, vendors, and employees all in one place
No more hunting through piles of files or trying to remember where you stashed that important paper. QuickBooks organizes all your important small business information in one place, giving you easy access to a complete picture of your business.

Import data from Excel, Quicken/ Quicken for Mac, and Microsoft Office Accounting
Get up and running fast by importing data from the tool you use to track your finances now. However little or much data you currently have, you won’t have to start over from scratch.

Save time & be more efficient

Reduce data entry by downloading your bank & credit card transactions into QuickBooks
Save time and avoid data entry errors. Instead of typing in your bank and credit card transactions, download them securely from over 3000 participating financial institutions and easily import them into QuickBooks.

Enter bills and set due-date reminders
QuickBooks helps you ensure you pay your bills on time. Record bills as they come and set a reminder to make sure you pay before the due date.

Export data into Excel
Export data from QuickBooks reports to Excel spreadsheets so that you can do more complex analysis or graphing in Excel.

Track international sales & expenses with multiple currency support
QuickBooks supports all global currencies and does all the currency calculations for you. You can even download exchange rates or do wire transfers from right in QuickBooks.

Manage products & inventory

Create purchase orders
You can create purchase orders in seconds by selecting from vendors and inventory already in your QuickBooks. When you get the inventory in-house and record it in QuickBooks, QuickBooks will remember you have an open purchase order and automatically match the PO to the inventory bill.

Track inventory
Easily track your inventory to avoid overbuying and backorders. Indicate re-order points for each inventory good and turn on reminders to automatically let you know when its time to reorder.

Advanced Tools to track raw & finished goods
QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions help you address your more complex inventory & product management needs including: tracking both raw materials & finished goods, adjusting inventory as you creating bills of material (BOMs), and receiving inventory in one unit of measure and selling in another.

Monitor performance & gain insights

Generate reports with one click to see how your business is doing
Get pre-designed, customizable business reports to gain insights into your business. See all available reports in one screen to easily choose the right one. Drill down with one click to see the detail behind the numbers. Export any report to Excel–your QuickBooks formatting and formulas go with it. Access industry-specific reports In QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions.

Create budgets to keep your business on track
Create a working budget automatically, based on your recent spending history. Adjust figures individually or across line items. The spreadsheet-style format makes it easy to see the results of your changes. Refer back to the budget to see how your actual spending compares to your original budget.

Get a real-time snapshot of your business, in one central location with the Company Snapshot
Stay on top of your business- see who owes you money, who you owe money to, important reminders, and income/expense performance, all in one centralized location

Easily create a business plan; Forecast sales and expenses
Build a professional business plan quickly by answering step-by-step questions. QuickBooks fills in the numbers based on your QuickBooks data. You can export the projections to Excel for further analysis or save it as a PDF file. Click a button to create a forecast of income and expenses for the coming year, based on your existing QuickBooks data. Increase or decrease line items by any percentage to adjust for future changes.

Manage Employees

Manage payroll & payroll taxes; offer Direct Deposit
Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Services, QuickBooks Payroll for Mac powered by PayCycle, and Payroll for QuickBooks Online save you time by eliminating steps and giving you the tools to get your payroll done right.

Automatically populate and print 1099s for independent contractors and federal filing
Create and print 1099 tax forms for you and your independent contractors.

QuickBooks Pro makes accounting easy with tools to organize your finances all in one place. Complete tasks like paying employees, invoicing, bill tracking and check-writing. Stay on top of your business by seeing who owes you money or which bills are coming due. Easily track sales and expenses. Quickly create your own professional-looking custom forms, such as customer estimates, invoices and reports by using any of the over 100 included templates. Share your data with programs like Word and Excel. With QuickBooks Pro, you’ll spend less time on routine tasks and more time on your business. Learn how to use Quickbooks with our free and easy to use tutorial.