Adobe Photoshop Part 1: The Photoshop Interface Free Tutorial

The Photoshop Interface (Continued)

You can open multiple images in the workspace and arrange them by clicking and dragging their title bars or by using the Arrange commands in the Window menu. You can also open multiple windows containing the same image by selecting New Window for… from the Arrange submenu of the Window menu. This lets you see different areas of the same image at once. When you make changes in one window, the other windows containing the image are automatically updated with the changes.

To resize an image window, click and drag its edges. If the image is larger than the window, vertical and horizontal scroll bars appear, letting you scroll to those areas of the image that aren’t visible. You can also use the Pan tool (located in the toolbox) to move the image around in the window in order to view different parts of it. With the Pan tool selected, click and drag the image to center it where you want within the image window.

You can arrange open image windows using the Tile and Cascade commands in the Window menu. Tile tiles the windows in the workspace horizontally and vertically:

Cascade places the windows on top of each other:

To minimize an image window, click the Minimize button in the upper right corner of the title bar. To restore the window, click the Restore button. To maximize an image window to fill the workspace, click the Maximize button in the upper right corner of the image window’s title bar. When you maximize the image window, you no longer see the individual image window, and the image fills the workspace, with gray surrounding the canvas borders:

To restore the image window, click the Restore button in the upper right-hand corner of the Photoshop window, just below the Photoshop Minimize, Restore, and Close buttons:

To close an image window, click the Close button. If you haven’t saved your changes, Photoshop will prompt you to do so.

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