Adobe Photoshop Part 1: The Photoshop Interface Free Tutorial

The Photoshop Interface (Continued)

The right side of the Options bar contains the palette well, where Photoshop’s docked palettes appear:

The Photoshop palettes group related information about your image and help you to manage elements such as colors, brushes, and layers. Photoshop includes both docked and floating palettes. By default, floating palettes are displayed vertically along the right side of the window, but they can be dragged to any location in the workspace.

The image window, displayed in the center of the workspace, contains the open image:


We’re using image to refer to a Photoshop file containing all the photographic images, objects, and art you’ve added.

The image’s file name, as well as its current magnification and color mode, appears in the title bar of the image window. If the image contains multiple layers, the name of the current layer is also displayed in the title bar, in the parentheses just before the color mode.

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