Adobe Photoshop Part 1: The Photoshop Interface Free Tutorial

Changing Screen Modes

Photoshop provides three screen modes for you to work in, depending on the amount of screen space you need: Standard, Full Screen, and Full Screen with Menu Bar. These appear in the Screen Mode submenu
of the View menu. You can switch from one screen mode to another by selecting the screen mode you want from the menu:

Shortcuts to these commands also appear near the bottom of the toolbox:

Standard Screen Mode is the default, and displays the Photoshop main window, with the menu bar, image window, and status bar, on the desktop:

Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar displays the image maximized in the Photoshop main window. The Photoshop title bar and status bar are hidden:

Full Screen Mode hides the Photoshop title bar, menu bar, and task bar, as well as the Windows task bar:

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