Administering Windows 2003 – MCSE 70-290

Administrative Tools

Administrative Tools are frequently used utilities for system administrators. We will first give you a brief overview of the standard Administrative Tools, then in a later section, delve into the details of each of these tools.

Most of the tools use the Microsoft Management Console, or MMC. MMC is a tool which has many plugins available for it to manage different functions or the server or the domain.

You can open MMC by going to Start, Run, and typing in MMC. Click ok to open MMC.

MMC opens to a blank console screen. From here you can open add-ins and manage specific functions on the server. When you use the shortcuts in the Administrative Tools menu, it opens those specific MMC add-ins. If you want to open some add-ins now to check out MMC, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the File menu and click on Add/Remove Snap-in.
  2. Click on the Add button at the bottom.

  1. Choose the snap-in you would like to manage. In this example, we are going to choose Disk Management. Click on Add. You have the option to manage the local computer or a computer on the network.
  2. Click the Close button.

  1. The Disk Management snap-in is now open.


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