Administering Windows 2003 – MCSE 70-290

Using This Tutorial

This tutorial will help you both understand Windows Server 2003 and prepare for the 70-290 exam.

With this as our goal, we expect a few things out of you. We highly recommend you setup a test server to play around with. This could be a Virtual PC test machine, a desktop with Windows Server 2003 installed, or an old server you have in your data center. We highly recommend this server stay off your production network though!

This is not a tutorial you can sit down and take in one afternoon. There is a tremendous amount of content in this free Microsoft Server 2003 tutorial. We recommend you complete no more than a section a day. In eleven days, you could finish the tutorial. This leaves three days of practice exams. Within 14 days you could be finished!

14 days is for the brave souls among us. We recommend taking some of the longer sections and learning those in several days. Even at this pace, you should be finished within a month and be ready to prepare for exam 70-290, Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment.

Since this tutorial follows the outline for this exam, we do not look into installing and setting up Windows Server 2003 in depth. We begin with Setting Up an Active Directory Domain and move on from there. This tutorial assumes you have already installed Windows Server 2003.

Good luck in this tutorial, we hope you find it answers some of your questions and can look back on it for review when you are working with Windows Server 2003.


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