Administering Windows 2003 – MCSE 70-290

Creating a User Account Template

A user account template is handy to use to setup multiple users. It allows you to
put in a lot of the account information, then copy the user for any new user accounts.

For example, if you marketing team has 5 groups they are members of and all reside in the same building, it would make sense to create a dummy user account with all of that information and then copy it whenever adding a marketing user.

  1. Create a new user account using the instructions above. Name the user to reflect the group the account represents (for example, Marketing Template).
  2. Change the account properties using the instructions above. Make sure you disable the account so it cannot be actively used on the domain.
  3. Right-click on the template account and choose Copy. You can then create a copy of this account using the standard new user wizard.
  4. Right-click on the new user account and make any changes necessary to its properties.


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