Administering Windows 2003 – MCSE 70-290

In this section, you learned:

  • The Windows Server 2003 environment
  • How to find the Administrative Tools and what they are used for
  • Planning an Active Directory Implementation
  • Setting up an Active Directory Domain
  • Installing the Administrative Tools on a workstation
  • Creating an Organizational Unit
  • How to Move Domain Objects

Hands On Practice

1. Create domain for a fictional company, Plastics Unlimited, Inc. Configure the server for the common server tasks required by a medium size company.

2. Create three Organizational Units: Miami, Orlando, Tampa.

3. Install the Administrative Tools on a Windows XP workstation.

4. Explore each of the administrative tools and learn the common tasks you can perform when you right-click on different elements. Explore the Computer Management console in depth.


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