Administering Windows 2003 – MCSE 70-290

Setting Up an Active Directory Domain

Active Directory is a database of computers, users, shared printers, shared folders, other network resources, and resource groupings used to manage a network and enable users to find a particular resource. Active Directory is a directory service, or an architecture which stores all this information about everything on a network and allows administrators to see a hierarchal view of the network. It is scalable to allow organizations to manage very large networks very efficiently. With Windows Server 2003, you can have over one billion objects in your Active Directory.

Configuring the Server

  1. Click on Add or remove a role on the welcome configuration page.

  1. The Configure Your Server Wizard opens. Click Next to continue.

  1. You can either choose a typical configuration or a custom configuration. If you choose custom, you will be able to add one role at a time. This method would require you to run the wizard several times. Since we want a standard server for our company, we will choose Typical configuration for a first server.


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