ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Managing Processes and Products

Act! includes a default opportunity process called the Act! Sales Process, which has defined stages and probabilities for each stage. You can modify this process to suit your needs or define your own processes, specifying the stages and probabilities based on what’s typical for your company.

Creating an Opportunity Process

To create an opportunity process:

  1. From the Contacts menu, select Opportunities, and then Manage Process List.

The Manage Process List window opens.

You can use this window to select a process to modify, or to create a new process.

  1. Under Process Tasks, click Create New Opportunity Process.
  2. Enter a name and description for the process and click Next.

The next screen lets you define the stages of the process:

  1. Click inside the Name field and enter a name for the first stage by typing over the New Stage 1 text.
  2. Click inside the Description field to enter a description for the stage.
  3. Click inside the Probability field and enter a probability for this stage.
  4. Click the Add button to add another stage. Enter the stage’s name and probability.
  5. Continue to add stages until you’ve finished. If you need to rearrange the stages, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons; these move the selected stage up and down in the list.
  6. Click Finish.

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