ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Creating a Quote in ACT!

You can use opportunities to generate quotes in Microsoft® Word, which you can then send to prospects.

Note: You must have Microsoft® Excel and Word installed to use the Quote feature.

To create an opportunity quote:

  1. Open the opportunity by double-clicking it on the Opportunity tab of the associated contact record.
  2. In the Opportunity dialog, make sure the Products/Services tab is selected.
  3. Click the Quote button.
  4. If prompted for a quote number, enter a number and click OK.
  5. ACT! creates the quote and opens it in Microsoft® Word:

From here, you can save or print the quote using the buttons on the Microsoft® Word toolbar.

You can also create a quote from the Opportunity List:

  1. In the Opportunity List, select the opportunity.
  2. Click the Create Quote button on the toolbar.
  3. Enter a quote number if prompted and click OK.
  4. The quote is opened in Microsoft® Word.

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