ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Creating Opportunities in ACT!

To create an opportunity:

  1. On the Act! navigation bar, select the Opportunity List icon.
  2. On the Opportunities toolbar, click the New Opportunity button.

The Opportunity dialog opens.

  1. Enter a name for the opportunity.
  2. From the Contact drop-down menu, select the contact associated with the opportunity. You can only associate one contact with each opportunity.
  3. To associate the opportunity with a group or company, click the browse (.) button next to the Associate With field.

In the Associate with Group/Company dialog, select the groups and/or companies and click the right transfer (>) button. You can select as many as you want. Click OK.

The opportunity will appear in the Group Detail/Company Detail window.

  1. Select a status.
  2. Complete the fields under Forecast.

The Probability field indicates the probability (in percent) of closing the sale at this stage. The value that appears in the field depends on the opportunity process and stage you select. Each stage in an opportunity process has a default probability. If necessary, you can change the value in the field by typing directly over it.

  1. To add products or services to the opportunity, select the Products/Services tab:
  2. From the Name drop-down menu, select a product or service.
  3. Enter the quantity.
  4. You can adjust the price by entering a new price into the Adj. Price field or a discount (in percent) into the Discount field. You might do this, for example, if you want to offer a discount as an incentive to purchase the product right away.
  5. To generate a quote, click the Quote button. Note that you must have Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word installed in order to use this feature.
  6. You can enter additional details for the opportunity by completing the fields on the User Fields, Details, and Opportunity Info tabs.
  7. Select the Private box at the bottom of the dialog to prevent other users from viewing the opportunity. When this box is selected, only the Record Manager can view it.
  8. To schedule an activity, click the Follow Up button.
  9. Click OK to save the opportunity and close the dialog.

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