ACT! 2005 Tutorial


An opportunity is a potential sale that you link to a contact. For each opportunity, Act! can track products and services, discounts, the current stage of the opportunity process, and the probability of closing the sale at that stage. You can also use opportunity records to generate customer quotes and schedule follow-up activities, such as phone calls and meetings.

The Opportunity List displays all your existing opportunities. To open the list, select the Opportunity List icon on the Act! navigation bar.

The Opportunity List can be filtered based on a number of criteria, such as date, probability, or value. For example, you can view a list of only those opportunities with a greater than 30% probability of success, or only those opportunities with a total value over $1,000, or both.

These filters are displayed along the top of the window:

Simply select the criteria you want to use and press Enter to filter the list. For example, to view opportunities with a total value over $1,000, select the Greater Than option under Total, and enter 1,000 into the field. Then press Enter.

To reset the values and view all the opportunities, click the Reset button.

You can also access opportunities from the Opportunities tab on a contact, group, or company record.

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