ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Navigating in Act!

The Act! interface is composed of a navigation bar, various toolbars, a menu bar, and a main window that contains various tabs along the bottom for entering information.

You use the icons on the navigator bar, located on the left side of the Act! window, to navigate among the Act! subsystems, including the Contacts windows, the Calendar, the Opportunity List, and the Act! E-mail interface:

The toolbar that appears at the top of the Act! window varies depending on the navigator you use. For example, when you select Contacts from the navigation bar, the toolbar displays buttons for scrolling through contact records, displaying the Contact List, creating a new contact record, and scheduling a call, meeting, or to-do:

The Act! menu bar contains all the commands available as you use the system, regardless of the particular navigator you’ve selected.

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