ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Groups and Companies

Managing Groups

You use groups to organize records into related sets. For example, you can create a group of current customers and prospects, and then send monthly newsletters to all the members of the group. You can create a second group for vendors, and send vendor-specific announcements to that group.

In addition, you can create subgroups to organize contacts within a group. For example, you might create a Distribution group, and then two subgroups called Customers and Vendors.

You can associate activities and opportunities with a group or subgroup, as well as create e-mails, documents, notes, and histories for the group.

Existing groups are displayed in the Group List:

  1. On the Act! navigation bar, select the Groups icon.
  2. On the Groups toolbar, click the Group List button.

The Group List works just like the Contact List. You can sort the records by clicking on the column headings, and then use the Look for field to find a specific group. Double-click any group in the list to open the group record.

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