ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Attaching Outlook Email to Contacts

Messages saved in your Outlook folders can be attached to any ACT! contact record:

  1. In Outlook, select the message you want to attach, or double-click a message to open.
  2. On the Outlook toolbar, click the Attach to ACT! Contact(s) button.

Note: If the button doesn’t appear, make sure you’ve closed and re-opened Outlook since adding your Act! address book.

  1. If you added more than one ACT! address book, select the database that contains the contact record.

The Attach E-Mail to Contacts dialog opens.

  1. Under Select contacts from, select whether you want to choose from all your contact records or from a selected group or company.
  2. In the contact list, select one or more contacts and click the Add button.

The contacts are added to the list on the right. The message will be attached to all the contacts in this list.

  1. Click OK.

The e-mail is attached to the History tab for each of the contacts you selected. To open the message from Act!, double-click the history entry and, in the Edit History dialog, click the link in the Attachment field.

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