ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Creating Documents

Creating Letters, Memos, and Fax Cover Pages

ACT! includes a word processor that you can use to write letters, memos, and fax cover sheets, or you can create these documents using Microsoft® Word. You can create and personalize documents to send to single contacts or use mail merge to create documents for multiple contacts. You can also create documents that are not associated with contacts.

To create a document, select New Document from the Write menu. This opens the Act! Word Processor, which displays a new, blank document:

The Act! Word Processor contains many of the common features found in other word processors. For example, in addition to saving and printing a document, you can use the menus and buttons on the toolbar to copy, cut, and paste text, format text and paragraphs, insert and format tables, insert headers and footers, and check spelling.

Tab stops are displayed along the top of the horizontal ruler; you can drag these to new locations or off the ruler entirely, to clear a tab stop.

Saving Documents

To save a document, click the Save button on the toolbar. If this is the first time you’re saving the document, the Save As dialog opens. Browse to the location where you want to save the file; then enter a file name and click Save.

Printing Documents

To print a document, simply click the Print button on the toolbar. This sends the document directly to the printer. If you need to access the print options for your printer, select Print from the File menu.

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