ACT! 2005 Tutorial

What’s New in Act! 2005

Act! 2005 includes hundreds of enhancements to help you manage and grow your business relationships and increase your overall efficiency. The most notable include:

  • Company records, which let you group contacts into companies containing divisions and subdivisions. Activities in member contact records are automatically associated with their corresponding company records.
  • Enhanced group functionality.
  • Enhanced lookups.
  • Unlimited, searchable secondary contacts.
  • Customizable activities, history types, and priorities.
  • Separate Notes and History tabs, where you can add an unlimited number of items and attach related documents.
  • Ability to share notes and histories among contacts.
  • Ability to create activity series.
  • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook, PalmT, and other software.
  • Ability to link e-mail with contacts, and use your Act! contact list from Microsoft® Outlook.
  • Additional calendar views, which you can share among users and integrate with your Microsoft® Outlook calendar.
  • Ability to add events.
  • A new, customizable Opportunity List.
  • Ability to import product lists.
  • Ability to generate quotes for opportunities, using a custom template.
  • Ability to export Opportunity Lists to Microsoft® Excel, including a pivot chart based on your data.
  • Additional customizable reports.
  • 5 security roles for specifying user access to data.

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