ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Events in ACT!

Events are day-long activities that appear on the calendar without conflicting with scheduled activities. When you add an event, you can add it to each user’s calendar, as long the user has set his or her calendar preferences to display events.

To add an event:

  1. From the Schedule menu, select Manage, and then Events.

The Manage Events dialog opens.

  1. Click the Add button.

The Add Event dialog opens.

  1. Enter a name for the event into the Event Name field.
  2. Select the event’s date and duration.
  3. Specify how often the event occurs (once, monthly, or yearly).
  4. Click OK.

The event is displayed in the list:

To edit an event, select it in the list and click the Edit button. You can also delete the event by clicking the Delete button.

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