ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Printing the Calendar in ACT!

To print your calendar:

  1. Select Print from the File menu.

The Print dialog opens.

  1. Under Printout Type, select Day Calendar, Week Calendar, or Month Calendar.
  2. Select the paper type you’re using from the Paper Type list.
  3. To see a preview of the calendar, select the Enable Preview box. The preview appears below.
  4. To set additional print options, click the Options button.

The Options dialog opens.

  1. Under Print, select the information you want to include.
  2. To limit the calendar to specific users and activities, click the Filter button.

The Filter Calendar Printout dialog opens.

  1. Select the users whose calendars you want to print. To select more than one user, hold down the Ctrl (Control) key while clicking each user you want to include.
  2. Select the activity dates you want to print: you can print today’s activities or the activities contained in the date range you enter.
  3. Complete the remainder of the fields as necessary to limit the activities being printed. For example, you can print users’ vacation calendars by selecting the users and then selecting Vacation from the Activity types drop-down menu.
  4. Click OK to close the Filter Calendar Printout dialog.
  5. Click OK to close the Options dialog.
  6. Click Print.

If you only need to print a specific calendar window, you can use the Quick Print feature:

  1. On the Act! navigation bar, select Calendar.
  2. Use the buttons on the toolbar to select a calendar view (daily, work week, weekly, or monthly).
  3. On the Act! toolbar, click the Quick Print button.
  4. In the Print dialog, click OK.

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