ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Using the Calendar

To view your calendar, select the Calendar icon on the Act! navigation bar.

The calendar displays all your activities for a given day, week, or month, depending on the view you select. The following shows the daily view:

To select a different view, use one of the buttons on the Calendar toolbar (Today, Daily, Work Week, Weekly, or Monthly):

You can filter what appears on the calendar at any time using the drop-down menus at the top. For example, if you want to view only meetings scheduled for a particular day, you can clear all but the Meeting checkbox from the Types drop-down menu:

In addition, you can view other users’ calendars, as long as they have granted you access. To view another user’s calendar, click the Select Users button. In the dialog that opens, select the user whose calendar you want to view and click OK.

The panel on the right side of the Calendar window contains a mini-calendar, which you can use to move quickly to different days, weeks, or months. Each day with an activity appears in bold. Clicking on a day opens the calendar for that day.

Below the mini-calendar is the Daily Recap list, which contains a list of activities and to-dos you’ve scheduled for that day:

You can double-click any activity to open it and view or modify its details. In addition, you can access a contact from an activity on the calendar by right-clicking the activity and selecting Go to Contact.

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