ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Using a Keyword Search

A keyword search lets you search entire contact records for particular text. For example, you might want to find all notes for a contact that reference training. You can search the notes in the record using the keyword “training.”

You can perform a keyword search on a single, selected contact record, on all contact records, or on only the contact records in the current lookup. In addition, you can search specific portions of the contact record, such as notes or activities, or the entire record.

To perform a keyword search:

  1. Select Keyword Search from the Lookup menu.

The Keyword Search dialog opens.

  1. In the Search for field, enter the word or phrase you want to find.
  2. Under Search these records, select a record type. You can search among contacts, groups, or companies.
  3. Select whether to search among all records, within the current record, or within the current lookup.
  4. Under Look in, select as many options as you’d like to include in the search. For example, you may know that you’re looking for a specific note; in this case, you’d clear all but the Notes checkbox to speed the search.
  5. Click Find Now.

ACT! displays the search results in the bottom of the window.

  1. To open the contact record, simply double-click it in the results list.

You can also create a lookup composed of the search results by clicking the Create Lookup button. This filters the Contact List to include only the records in the results list.

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