ACT! 2005 Tutorial

Finding Contacts

All contact records are displayed in the Contact List, which you can access by clicking the Contact List button on the toolbar.

By default, the Contact List displays such information as each contact’s name, phone number, address, and title. Contacts can be sorted by any of these fields, simply by clicking on the field’s column heading. For example, if you want to group all contacts who belong to a particular company, you can click the Company column heading:

This rearranges the list so that the contacts are displayed alphabetically by company. All the contacts linked to a particular company are grouped together:

If your list is particularly long, you can use the Look for field to find a particular name. Click the heading of the column in which you want to search, and then enter the name into the Look for field. Act! scrolls through the list to find a matching entry in that column:

To open a contact record in the list, simply double-click it. This opens the Contact Detail window for that record.

Although Act! provides many ways with which to search for contact records, the Contact List includes a Tag feature that lets you “tag,” or mark, records you want to group. For instance, you may want to send a mailer to a group of personal contacts, whom you want to identify individually. This is often the case when the contact records include such dissimilar information that searching by particular criteria won’t include all the records you want.

To tag contacts:

  1. At the top of the Contact List, select the Enable Tag Mode checkbox.

This causes Act! to “remember” each time you select a contact in the list. A selected contact remains highlighted.

  1. Click on each contact in the list that you want to include. You can also click the Tag All button to tag all the contacts in the list.
  2. Once all the contacts you want are tagged, click the Lookup Selected button.

This filters the Contact List so that only the contacts you selected are displayed. You can now use the Mail Merge feature to automatically address a document or e-mail to the contacts.


The Omit Selected button lets you omit the selected contacts from the list. Is the better option if you want to work with most of your contacts and exclude only a few.

Clear the Enable Tag Mode checkbox to return to normal selection mode. To restore the complete list of contacts, select All Contacts from the Act! Lookup menu.

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