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Posted by on Tuesday 5 Jul 2005

Arranging Vector Objects

When you arrange objects, you define the order in which they appear on the layer, from bottom to top (or back to front). When objects overlap, those at or near the bottom of the stack may not be visible. To bring an object to the top of the stack (also referred to as bringing an object forward):

  1. Use the Object Selection tool to select the object you want to bring to the top of the stack.


All the objects being affected must reside on the same layer.

  1. From the Objects menu, select Arrange, and then Bring to Top.
  2. The object is moved to the top—or visually in front of—the others.

The Arrange submenu also has commands for sending an object to the bottom of the stack (moving it behind the others), as well as for moving objects up and down. When you select Move Up or Move Down, the object is moved up or down in the stack incrementally; use these commands, for example, when you want to move one object behind another but not behind a third object on the canvas.

Grouping and Ungrouping Vector Objects

Grouping objects lets you move and modify multiple objects at the same time, while retaining the ability to make individual changes when necessary.

To group vector objects:

  1. Use the Object Selection tool to select the first object in the group. Then hold down the Shift key and select the remaining objects you want to include in the group. Or, use the Object Selection tool to draw a bounding box around all the objects.

  1. On the Tool Options palette, click the Group Objects button.

The objects are now grouped. You can always ungroup them by selecting the group and clicking the Ungroup Objects button.


Grouping objects on different layers automatically moves all the objects to the first object’s layer. The group appears in the Layers palette. Click the plus sign next to the group to view and edit the individual objects in the group. For example, you can select an object listed under a group in the Layers palette and then use your mouse to move the object on the canvas. Or, you can right-click the object in the Layers palette and select Properties from the shortcut menu to modify the object’s properties.

Aligning Vector Objects

Use the Object alignment buttons on the Tool Options palette to align selected objects in relation to each other.

With the objects selected:

  • Click the Align Top button to align objects along the top edge:

  • Click the Align Bottom button to align objects along the bottom edge:

  • Click the A
    lign Left
    button to align objects along the left edge:

  • Click the Align Right button to align objects along the right edge:

  • Click the Align Vertical Center button to align objects along the vertical center line:

  • Click the Align Horizontal Center button to align objects along the horizontal center line:

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