Microsoft Publisher 2003 Tutorial

Posted by on Friday 6 May 2005

Create a table

In a publication, tables can be used to align text to give it a professional appearance. As an example, the table below is used to align articles with their corresponding page numbers in the newsletter.

Tables are frequently used in web pages to control the lay out of the page.

To insert a table:

  1. Click the Insert Table button on the Objects toolbar.
  2. Click where you want the table to appear in the publication.

The Create Table dialog opens.

  1. Enter the number of rows and columns you want, and select a table format. The Sample pane displays a sample of the format you select.
  2. Click OK.

An empty table appears in the publication:

  1. To size the table, click and drag the handles as you would a text box.

To resize the individual rows and columns, click and drag a row or column border:

The size of the table remains the same:

  1. By default, table cells expand to fit the text you type. To keep cells from expanding, uncheck Grow to Fit Text in the Table menu.
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